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April 9, 2013
What's New?

We've had Chef Michael Kalanty on the show before and he's a great teacher and speaker for bread baking. Now, he's back on the show as we launch our new collaboration with In addition to his award-winning book "How To Bake Bread" (Red Seal), he's put out an HD video cookbook called "Bread Baking The Artisan Way" (iTunes). In this interactive cookbook for your iPad, Chef Kalanty shows you in over 90 videos, how to make over 25 different breads. And for us, he's giving a quick primer on pizza dough making.

How To Bake Bread, The Families of Bread

There are families and there are Families. Michael Kalanty has been a part of the professional chefs "family" since he left his tied-up, button-down corporate job to go back into the kitchen. His decision to go into professional cooking somewhat confused his "birth" family. His plan was to break the news at the families Thanksgiving dinner. The results were rather dubious. He thought he'd make some pumpkin cranberry rolls for the festivities but they didn’t turn out, or rather they turned into hockey pucks. So when he made the announcement that he was quitting his corporate job, the reaction was: "Why? Cause the rolls didn’t turn out?? HUH?"

That inauspicious foray into bread baking wouldn’t be his final foray into the families of bread. He had a lot to learn. He went into the catering business in New York City, which led to his experimentation in wedding cake decoration. He and his artist brother developed a method of airbrushing cocoa powder onto fondant and that pushed him into the pastry family of professional chefs.

Eventually he moved into culinary instruction and now he's been at the California Culinary Academy for over 15 years. Starting as a pastry instructor and then to a break baking chef/instructor. There were stops in between to hone and improve his craft in France, Brazil and Italy.

Now he brings his affable nature and extensive knowledge to readers, foodies and bakers alike in a new book titled, "How to Bake Bread: The Five Families of Bread" (Red Seal Books). Breaking down the intimidating paradigms of bread baking, and offering a wealth of technical information as well. The book is at turns easy to understand and yet highly technical as well.

Chef Kalanty's efforts have earned him some nice props from some very prestigious places. From France, arguably ground zero in the bread baking world, he walked away with the top honors for "Best Bread Book" at the 2010 Paris Cookbook Fair. "How to Bake Bread" has also been nominated for an IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals) award for best book in the Professional Kitchen category.

Please enjoy our 6 part interview with Chef Michael Kalanty, as we learn "How to Bake Bread"
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01 - Is baking bread intimidating?
02 - First steps in bread baking
03 - Five families of bread
04 - Bread baking sound effects
05 - Professional tips
06 - Final thoughts
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